Advanced Digital Marketing Complete Course

Advanced Digital Marketing Mastery

✓ Complete Digital Marketing Fundamental, Website SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube and Google Analytics in depth are the skills you will learn.

✓ Learn about Social media marketing like as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and YouTube to promote your brand and engage with customers.Topics to cover could include social media strategy, content creation and social media analytics.

✓ Create Perfect Google and Facebook Ads by Learning Every Google and Facebook Campaign Objective & Ad Format. Discover When and How to Use Dynamic Ads, Conversion Ads, and Lead Generation Ads.

✓ Discover How to Create Dozens of Backlinks and build website authority by Marketing Techniques
Put Yourself in Front of Customers and Create a Brand Name for Yourself

✓ Build own Comunities and Manages Audiences Using Your Website Visitors, Facebook Business Page, Video Views, and Instagram Profile.

✓ Boost Your Product/service Sales with SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Dynamic Ads and Collection Ads

✓ Discover How to Analyse Your Competitor’s and Make More Inspiring Marketing ideas for Your Company

✓ Explore Such as:- Search engine optimization (SEO), Paid search advertising, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, Influencer marketing, Video marketing, Mobile marketing, Web analytics

Digital Marketing course
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Why Choose you this Course?


Online Learning

10+ Modules

15 Hours

07 hrs 21 mins

Lifetime Accsess

Lifetime Accsess

10 Days Money Back Guarantee

10 Days Money Back Guarantee

Grow Your Career

Grow Your Career

Rs.6999.00 Rs.999.00


Who shuld take a Digital Marketing Course

Anyone who is looking to further his or her career in digital marketing should take this digital marketing course, especially those seeking leadership positions. Any of these roles can benefit from this Digital Marketing:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Marketing or Sales Professionals
  • Management, Engineering, Business, or Communication Graduates
  • Entrepreneurs or Business Owners
  • Marketing Consultant

01.SEO-Link Building

  • Link Basic
  • Designing Links
  • Building a Link Profile

02.SEO – Video

  • Start with Keyword Research
  • Optimizing Video for Rankings
  • Optimizing for Popularity
  • Get More Clicks from Results
  • Optimizing for views
  • Analytics and Measurment

03.Social Media Marketing Strategy…

  •  Short Form Video in Todays Marketing Landscape
  • Effective Marketing Strategies for TikTok Video
  • Effective Marketing Strategies for Instagram Reels

04.SEO Keyword Strategy

  • Starting Keyword Reserch
  • Analyzing Keyword Patterns
  • Map Keywords across the Customer Lifecycle
  • Apply keywords to Optimize Your Website
  • Apply Keywords to Optimize Your Paid Search
  • Apply Keywords to Optimize Your Marketing
  1. Marketing Tools – SEO
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Tools to Improving Domain Authority
  • Key SEO Tools
  • Website Audit Tools
  1. Google Ads Essential Training
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Before Getting Started
  • Getting Started with Ads
  • Researching Your Keywords
  • Targeting with Keywords
  • Creating Your First Google Ads Campaign
  • Advanced Advertising Tracking
  • Monitoring Your Advertisem
  • Key Optimization Strategies

07.SEO Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

  • Building Authority on Social Media
  • Social BookMarking
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles
  • Social Media Content Cration

08.Digital Marketing Foundations

  • The Digital Marketing Frame work
  • Digital Marketing First Steps
  • Digital Marketing key Concepts
  • Digital Marketing Hub and Spokes
  • Digital Marketing with Your Website
  • Digital Marketing with SEO
  • Digital Marketing with Paid Channels
  • Digital Marketing Social Media
  • Digital Marketing with Email
  • Digital Marketing with video
  • Analytics Skills
  • Additional Marketing Channels
  • Trends to Watch

09.Social Media Marketing Foundatio…

  • Crating a Social Media Strategy
  • Choosing the Right Channel
  • Publishing on Social Media
  • Interacting with Customers
  • Selling on Social Media
  • Measuring Socal Media Activity
  • Innovating with Social Media

10.Social Media Marketing Strategy and Optimization

  • Start with a SWOT
  • Whats Driving the Major Platform
  • Turning Strategy into Action

11.Marketing Tools – Social Media

  • Utilizing Built-In Socail Media a Tools
  • Multipurpose Social Media Managment Suites
  • Social Media Automation Tools
  • Content Discovery and Design
  • Social Media Analytics Tools

12.Social Media Marketing – Managing Online Comunities

  • Introduction to Community Building
  • Building Your Online Community
  • Growing Your Online Community
  • Measuring Your Success
  • Tools for Community Management

13.Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

  • Getting Strategic with Facebook and Twitter
  • Growing Your Professional Brand
  • Building Community on Facebook and Twitter
  • Driving Business Growth with Social Media Marketing

14.Marketing on Twitter

  • Get Started with Twitter
  • Build Your Twitter Profile
  • Build Your Twitter Audience
  • Post on Twitter
  • Advertise on Twitter
  • Marketing Tips for Twitter

15.Marketing on Facebook

  • Get Started
  • Build Your Page
  • Build Your Audience on Facebook
  • How to Create Facebook Posts
  • Advanced Facebook Page Features
  • Understand Facebook Insights and Reports

16.Social Media Marketing – ROI

  • Measuring social Media ROI
  • Effective Social media Strategy
  • Creative Best Practices
  • Social Media Tactics By Channel

17.SEO Foundations

  • Overview of SEO
  • Keywords The Foundation of SEO
  • Content Optimization How Search Engines and People view Web Pages
  • Content Optimization Technical SEO
  • Long-Term Contetn Planing
  • Link-Building Strategies
  • Measuring SEO Effectivenes
  • Ecommerce Local and Mobile SEO Considerations

18.Augmented Reality Marketing

  • AR Marketing

Light Up on Your Career in Digital Marketing..

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Rs.6999.00 Rs.999.00

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