What Is The Meaning Of CMS And Make WordPress Website

What Is The Meaning Of CMS And Make WordPress Website
June 5, 2022 0 Comments

what is the meaning of cms? You think to make your website. And you have thought that you need coding skills. And you don’t know anything about coding. Then you have destroyed your dreams to create your website. Here I am telling you super tricks. How do you create an attractive website without any coding skills?

I have good information for you – here is software that’s easy to use. Anybody can use and create a unique and attractive professional website like a portfolio, blog, personal website, and Singal pages for small businesses. That is called WordPress software.

What are CMS and WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) allowing you to host and build your websites. WordPress has many features and products like WordPress themes and plugins to help build and maintain your website. And you can customize your website according to your business like e-commerce, portfolio, and blog.

Statics website

Statics website contains HTML files series every page coded with HTML. Every page contains HTML tags and displays when you looking any website you are looking home page file. Statics websites are straightforward to create. Against dynamic websites because dynamic websites are almost completed. For creating a Statics website you have required basic knowledge of HTML tags. A Statics website contains many Statics pages and information. That is not changed automatically whether It remains until

Dynamic website

A dynamic website or a dynamic page contains information that you can change frequently. These sites also contain HTML language for creating the basic structure of the Web. The dynamic site has been easy to create for everyone by using WordPress and CMS. Many types of CMS are available in the market. You can use and build a dynamic website.

Facebook and Twitter is the right example of dynamic website that have unique and personalized content for their users. Facebook and Twitter feeds are based on user interests and follow them.

statics vs dynamics website and what is the meaning of cms
statics vs dynamics website

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